Contractor & Workman List
Poplar Estates Homeowners Association does not endorse, recommend or stand behind any company or independent contractor in this listing and is not legally or otherwise responsible for the actions of any company or independent contractor contained in this list.
The purpose of this list is to provide to Poplar Estates homeowners the names of companies or independent contractors for their consideration for work they may need to have accomplished on their property. Selecting reliable, trustworthy craftsmen is always a difficult process because homeowners usually have not had much previous experience having this type of work done. Or they may have had a bad experience and want to avoid repeating it. The Poplar Estates Homeowners Association wants to assist homeowners contemplating some property maintenance or modifications and facilitate gathering Poplar Estates homeowner’s good experiences with contractors into this list. PEHA’s only objective is to assist homeowners in the maintenance of their property thereby improving property values throughout Poplar Estates.

The List is composed of companies and independent contractors who have either accomplished work for a homeowner in Poplar Estates who were then submitted to this listing by the homeowner or are company owners or independent contractors who are also homeowners living in Poplar Estates who have asked to be included in this listing.
The list contains the name of the company or contractor and phone number, the name of the principal person that the homeowner was in contact with and the name of the submitting PEHA homeowner, phone number and date the listing was submitted to the list.

It is recommended that before a homeowner commits to a company or contractor from this list that you call the homeowner who submitted the company to the list and discuss the kind of work that was accomplished to determine if your planned work is similar to the work that led the homeowner to submit the company. You should also ask when the work was done and the name(s) of the actual worker(s) or contact/supervisor for their project. Only then are you able to evaluate the proposal from that company to give you some confidence that they will do similar quality work for you. Other questions are whether they met start and finish dates, material, quality workmanship and clean up commitments. Cost questions may not be applicable as the time since the work was accomplished will result in changes for material and labor. Good luck with your project!

After the work is completed, please let PEHA know about the performance of the contractor and whether you can recommend inclusion on this list. If you used a contractor from the list and you are not satisfied with the performance, please let PEHA know so the contractor can be removed from the list. Your support of the list is one additional action you can take in protecting yours and Poplar Estates home values.

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List Updated 8/15/2014